Leadership Studies

Welcome to the Appalachian State University Leadership Studies website. Whether you are interested in taking one course on leadership or minoring in leadership studies, you will find some excellent learning opportunities here.

Why Study Leadership? Leadership Studies

  • Appalachian State University is about developing future leaders. To all Appalachian students: do not ask if you will lead someday. Ask only... will you be ready to lead when your time comes to lead?
  • Increasingly, companies, agencies, and organizations of all kinds are recognizing the value of leadership education and the need for opportunities to prepare new leaders for new challenges.
  • Leadership courses offer the opportunity for you to develop life and career skills such as critical thinking, team development, conflict resolution, problem solving, decision making, communication, and consensus building.
  • A formal study of leadership will better prepare you for leadership. It boldly says to potential employers that you are ready to take on the challenge of leadership.

What Are the Opportunities to Study Leadership?

Leadership is taught all over campus. Students can choose from a number of leadership classes offered in a variety of departments around campus. Some courses are open to all majors while some are for specific majors only. Check with the department for more information. including the following:


Human Development

HPC 2700 - Principles of Leadership

HPC 3700 - Applied Leadership

HPC 3536 - Leadership Study Abroad

HPC 3533 - Women and Leadership

HPC 3542 - Multicultural Leadership Development

HPC 4300 - Advanced Leadership Development

HPC 4700 - Senior Leadership Capstone Seminar

Recreation Management

RM 2120 - Leadership and Group Dynamics in Recreation

RM 4140 - Outdoor Leadership

Business Management

MGT 4700 - Contemporary Issues in Management & Leadership

Military Science

Military Science has a 4-year program which includes leadership courses on teamwork, problem solving, ethics, and management.


TEC 4103 - Leadership in Technical Settings

How Do I Minor in Leadership Studies? 3

The Leadeship Studies Minor

Students can minor in Leadership Studies by completing 18 hours of credit in leadership and related courses. Follow the link to learn more about the minor.

What More Can I Do to Learn About Leadership?

If you are interested in leadership development, the Office of Leadership Development offers a number of non-credit opportunities. Emerging Leaders is a 10-week program for Freshmen and Sophomores to explore leadership. Leadership 101 is a year-long program where students choose from 14 different leadership-related workshops.

Perhaps the most important way to learn about leadership and your potential as a leader is to engage yourself in the process. Do it. Practice it. Get involved on campus or in the community. To further investigate opportunities for leadership development outside of the classroom, read about our leadership programs.